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With the Outdoor Lab in front of the Temple of Human Passions, we want to create a space to support spontaneity in the Cinquantenaire Park. Every visitor to the park is invited to use this free stage. You can dance on it, give a speech, invite your friends and family for a discussion, feel free. We invite you to share your experience on your social media by adding #cinquantenaireoutdoorlab so we can follow your activities.

We are also inviting a number of artists there to help us develop a vision for the Cinquantenaire Park and the programmes to activate it. The briefing we gave: during your work, please create moments to engage in conversations with visitors to the park and the people who live around it.

Pascale Marthine Tayou, Background : Old School, 2008 (paper, chalk, iron
120,5 x 180,5 x 2 cm) Credit : Ela Bialkowska , Courtesy : the artist and GALLERIA CONTINUA

The first artist we welcomed was Pascale Marthine Tayou. With his wooden stage, this visual artist has created a meeting space for different communities, different histories, past and present. Not for nothing does the stage resemble an LP, a long-playing record. It symbolizes the stories we tell ourselves over and over again and the need to find new grooves so that there is room for a new story.
"It is a long journey through the tight folds of our stories. It is up to each of us to take our own path towards the crossroads of sincere truths.”
Pascale Marthine Tayou
The next artists we invite are Barra movement. Barra is an encounter instigated by Els Dietvorst that lives beyond herself in Ireland and Belgium. We are keen to learn about their working methods to create "moments of sharing and transformation", starting with an exploration of the history and current life of the Cinquantenaire site. These moments of coming together can help us set up a series of research and artistic actions for the coming years. Barra movement will also organize moments of dialogue with the public.
© Photo : Caroline Lessire