HORIZON 50 - 200 VZW

In 2030, the 200th anniversary of the Kingdom of Belgium, the renovated Cinquantenaire Park will stand for the connecting power of heritage, science and culture in the 21st century. The historic site will be a campus of co-creation, participation, innovative industry and a platform for stories shared, salvaged and written by the many communities that make up Europe and its capital, together.

To achieve this goal, State Secretary for Science Policy Thomas Dermine founded the non-profit organization Horizon 50-200 on September 1, 2022. The 50 refers to the 50th anniversary of our country Belgium, when the Cinquantenaire Park was founded. The 200 looks ahead: the country's 200th anniversary.


Let us know why you love the Cinquantenaire Park. Is there something you dream of, something that could make the park and its museums even more beautiful and engaging?

steering group

Raphaël Jehotte
Xavier Lepoivre
Katia Dewulf
Bruno Verbergt
Michel Jaupart
Hilde De Clercq
Chris Burggraeve
Christiane Gerlach-Scheerer
Marius Gilbert
Laurent Hublet
Silvia Mesturini Cappo
Didier Viviers
Sophie Whettnall
Pascal Vrebos
Paul Dujardin


Would you like to volunteer as part of our dynamic team? We welcome all talents: photographers, storytellers, digital creatives, thinkers and doers, ... If you have ideas or talents you want to share, if you want to help us achieve our mission, let us know at info@cinquantenaire.be

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